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  • John Freeman

  • Heather Eastes

  • Heather studied Art and History at Aberystwyth. She later studied and tutored graphics at Düsseldorf Academy and translated art texts from German. From 1987 in West Wales. Her work can be found in public and private collections in Europe and the UK.
  • Wales
  • Martina Diez-Routh

  • I am a mountain painter who works with soft pastels to recreate my beloved mountains. I learnt how to use pastels seven years ago and fell in love with them, after trying all different techniques and mediums. The rich colours and consistency of hand-made pastels, paired with the quality of pastel papers and boards, make my paintings’ colours stand out.
  • United Kingdom
  • Jennifer Allan

  • Jennifer graduated in 1970 from Glasgow School of Art having specialised as a printmaker. She did not start painting and consistently exhibiting till the early 90’s. Concurrent with this shift she also began the process that culminated in her becoming a practising and teaching Psychotherapist. She says this was not coincidental. She exhibits nationally and internationally and has work in private collections in Scotland, Wales, England, Germany and Australia.
  • Wales
  • Barbara Price

  • BA PGATC woven textiles and worked as art teacher. Artist living in north Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • United Kingdom
  • Alan Salisbury

  • Alan Studied Fine Art at Liverpool College of Art 1967 to 1970 and then at the Royal College of Art in London 1970 to 1973. From 1973 to 2003 he was Principal Lecturer In Visual Arts at The University of Glamorgan. He is based in Barry South Wales and the Limousin in France.
  • Wales
  • Greg Forster

  • Greg has worked professionally as a London based freelance illustrator, and latterly in graphic design. Now based in his native North Wales, he uses the knowledge and skills acquired in those professions to shape his artistic vision. Influenced by the surrealists of the 1920/30’s and cartoonists of the 1980’s, Greg creates bizarre and imaginative colourful worlds with weird and outlandish subjects depicting life's pleasures and predicaments.
  • Wales
  • Jo Berry

  • Jacqueline Jones

  • Jacqueline Janine Jones is an artist from Ceredigion in West Wales. She has exhibitied at the Whitechapel Gallery and the John Moores among others. Her works range from the representational to the contemporary, she is presently moving towards a more figurative style of work.
  • Wales
  • Mike Goodwin

  • Sam (aka LymphomaLass) Robson

  • I'm international selling artist via print-to-order. My life experiences have prompted me to specialise in creating 2d art promoting wellbeing for those who love special people, places, pets and possessions. As well as working in my home studio, inspired by nature I paint sat on rocks part way up Cumbrian fells I walk with my husband, despite having suffered five collapsed vertebrae during treatment for blood cancer.
  • United Kingdom
  • Karin Mear

  • Karin was born and brought up in Aberdare where she attended Aberdare Girls Grammar School. She completed a foundation course in art & design in 1985 then, having raised two children, returned to full time education in 1994 to pursue an art degree course at the then University of Glamorgan.
  • Wales
  • Godfrey Phillips

  • Professional Artist making painting and sculpture
  • United Kingdom
  • Claire Lovell

  • I love to paint plein air where possible - as it forces me to make decisions that I would otherwise labour over. In the absence of oil paint, I also use sketches and gouache colour studies I make there and then and translate into oil later. Essentially, it is colour and tone that excite me, the atmosphere and energy of a place or thing at a given time, and the challenge of conveying this through a brush, is one that I find never ending yet hugely invigorating.
  • Jacqueline Alkema

  • Influenced by early Dutch and Flemish paintings Jacqueline has a long-term interest in traditions of iconic imagery in women's portraiture often exploring the identity of seemingly anonymous women. With painting, drawing and sometimes collage she tries to construct emotionally complex images. Layers of meaning and mystery are achieved through the painting process. Paintings develop through experimentation and intuition but with an awareness and control of the media used.
  • United Kingdom
  • Uzma Sultan

  • Uzma Sultan lives and works in London. She is one of the commended artists for the Moth Art Prize 2021, a winner of the Newsprint Open 2021 and longlisted for Jacksons Painting Prize 2022. Current:- Beep Painting Prize Biennial 2022, Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Townhouse Summer Open 2022, Spitalsfield E1
  • United Kingdom

  • I am a French visual artist who has been living and working in the UK for over thirty years. I studied Visual Art at the School of Fine Art of Lyon (France) and at Goldsmith’s College (London). I obtained my BA Degree with Honours in 1990 in Lyon. I am using a large variety of media in my work... More recently, maps, texts, diagrams and charts, photos, manufactured objects of all kind - have been appropriated & reassembled with the aim of generating incisive and intriguing moments.
  • France
  • Peter Bainbridge

  • Peter Bainbridge is a multidisciplinary artist with a straightforward approach that typically pays homage to the simple things in life, including Australian icons and his pared-back nature melds poster aesthetics with a minimalist edge that celebrates the timeless fashion secret – less is more.
  • Gerda Roper

  • Wales
  • Wim van de Wege

  • I am professional Dutch artist in the Neteherlands and studied Art at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I find many themes very fascinating and interesting. I use traditional media and techniques, but also modern media and combination of both. I find many themes very interesting and I give them form in various works of art. From landscapes to animals, everything I want to show in my own way on canvas or screen.
  • Netherlands
  • Trevor Burgess

  • Trevor Burgess is a London-based artist/curator. His paintings are inspired by people's everyday lives in cities. He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including solo exhibitions at galleries in Spain, Switzerland and UK. As artist-curator, he has organised touring exhibitions in collaboration with other painters. In 2011 he was awarded the Discerning Eye London/South-East Painting Prize. In 2021 he won an Artrepreneneur Art of Everyday international award.
  • United Kingdom
  • Antonia Glynne Jones

  • I was born and raised in Africa and consequently, have a passionate affinity with untamed vistas whether desert or sea. I define spaces through colour and texture. My work draws on my emotional and physical reaction to particular times, places and events, and I combine observation, drawing and my personal feelings to create artworks that are filled with directness, immediacy and vibrant energy
  • United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth Crewther

  • Finding inspiration is never difficult, living in North Wales enables inspiration to pop out every time I look out of the window or go walking. For me personally art is a way to express freedom in a boundaryless space without conformity, where a colour and texture encased form exists. My artwork is an expression of a happy place, memory or thought brought together into the world as a painting. When I am in the studio I find moments of stillness and clarity, with the occasional gust of whimsey
  • botto artist

  • Diana Rattray

  • Rattray’s style is quite her own, a blend of tradition, individuality and objectivity drawing its inspiration mainly from the 1950s and 60s as transmitted through black-and-white snaps from English and German post-war photo albums. The artist’s own reading of this historical pictorial matrix is highly realistic and she interprets it in the same vein.
  • Germany
  • Nick Malone

  • Nick Malone is a British artist who crosses art forms to create adventures in painting, drawing and writing, often combining traditional and experimental techniques in unforeseen ways to create artwork full of dynamic contrasts.
  • United Kingdom
  • Brian Beattie

  • No formal tuition apart from my passion for art and painting. I've been part of local art groups for many years where I've developed my present style of impasto acrylic artwork applied with pallet knife only. I have had success selling my work at exhibitions in Liverpool.
  • Alice Lenkiewicz

  • Alice is a dedicated practising artist. Her work has transformed over time and experimented with various mediums and concepts from imaginative portraits of women and landscapes, developing into digital and surreal themes. Recently her work has become more textile and mixed media-oriented as well as focusing on her practice of digital drawing and colour-field painting. Alice lives in Liverpool. She has exhibited her work in the north, in London, abroad and online.
  • United Kingdom
  • Gustavius Payne

  • Michael Gustavius Payne (born 1969) is a Welsh figurative painter. He paints primarily in oils and is influenced by mythological themes within a contemporary context. Since late 2012 he has dropped his first name and now uses the shorter Gustavius Payne.
  • Wales
  • Vincenzo Volpi

  • AI creative, pushing my imagination into digital form that progresses to fantasy art, themed AI and some darker corners
  • United Kingdom
  • Steve Whitehead

  • Steve was born in Coventry and studied at the University of Wales with David Tinker, graduating with an MA in the mid 80's before continuing his studies at the Courtauld Institute of Art. A career in Fine Art education culminated in his heading the MA Painting course at the University of Hull (Scarborough). He has twice won the Wales Open and has also been a prize-winner at the Manchester Academy and Hunting Art Prize exhibitions.
  • United Kingdom
  • Andy Farr

  • I am a painter and storyteller.
  • roy goodman

  • I grew up in North London in the postwar years. I was good at drawing at school but also at lots of other subjects, so instead of going to art school I became a scientist. I did, however, paint in my spare time and over the years I taught myself the basics. My early cv includes first prize in the Brook Bond competition for a painting of “teatime”, one painting on Adrian Hill’s Sketch Club on BBC tv and one painting in the Woman’s Hour/Radio Times “Summertime” exhibition at the Tate (Britain)!
  • United Kingdom
  • Artist 106

  • Nigel Goldsmith

  • Nigel was born and raised in Pembrokeshire and currently based near Bath. Most of his work explores the machinery and technology driving modern linear economics. His practice involves film, photography and sculpture.
  • Wales
  • The Pixel Gallery

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