Alice Lenkiewicz

  • Alice is a dedicated practising artist. Her work has transformed over time and experimented with various mediums and concepts from imaginative portraits of women and landscapes, developing into digital and surreal themes. Recently her work has become more textile and mixed media-oriented as well as focusing on her practice of digital drawing and colour-field painting. Alice lives in Liverpool. She has exhibited her work in the north, in London, abroad and online.


    • Here is the ancient floor
    • This drawing is inspired by the poem, 'The Self Unseeing' by Thomas Hardy.I wanted to remember back to being a child and the texture of the floor against my feet and to return to the places I once knew.The drawing is my memory of certain colours and textures, I remember when I was playing outside as a child, such as wire, grass, and flowers. The idea that I was somehow, 'Dancing in a dream...Everything glowed with a gleam."I wanted to magnify these memories in order to bring back some of the things that I may not have appreciated at the time and look at them from a new perspective.
    • The Island
    • Digital drawing. Two women walking in a landscape. In this artwork, I wanted to create a. surreal atmosphere of two figures standing in a landscape. This is an imaginary piece. I have always been inspired by Romanticism in art and the idea of the lone figure and the idea of peace and an emphasis on individualism, freedom from rules; solitary life rather than mainstream life in society and a devotion to nature and beauty. My colour scheme for this work was inspired by the Fauvist art movement in the nineteenth century as well as using woodcut style shapes inspired by traditional Japanese woodcuts.
    • Colour Sketch 1
    • Digital drawing focuses on spontaneity, line and colour. In this piece, I wanted to create a sense of happiness in the moment and joy of energy and colour.
    • Two Women and a Vase
    • This is a digital drawing I created on my phone. I love using digital sketchbooks as they are easy to reach and you can create them at any time that suits you without too much preparation. I find this process very relaxing. In this piece, I decided to create a figurative piece. I decided to begin with a vase of flowers as I always find this an interesting starting point for figurative work. As I continued I realised I didn't want to become too detailed and I wanted to keep it fresh and quite raw. The result was a line drawing and colour areas that represented two women holding a vase or perhaps displaying a vase of flowers. I've always enjoyed the fauvist movement so perhaps this is my way of exploring this kind of primitive drawing style, bold intense colours and fluid lines.
    • Seated Woman 1
    • Digital drawing of a woman seated, reading a book. I wanted to play with the idea of colour, composition and pattern which is not as easy as it seems. I find myself constantly checking this kind of artwork to make sure that everything is harmonious and sits with the eye correctly. It's a wonderful exercise and I enjoy it. It's rather like creating a jigsaw and making sure everything slots together.I have painted quite a few women in interiors before and each one is always extremely different. I have always enjoyed paintings of women and interiors by Matisse. They seem to sing and create great joy. I am enjoying challenging myself to reach harmonies and compositions that make me happy.
    • Composition 1
    • This digital painting uses a balance of colour to create a vibrant harmony. I enjoy creating compositions with colour and line.
    • Seated Lady 2
    • Digital drawing of a pregnant lady seated in a room with a cat. In this drawing, I have focused on colour composition and creating a sense of familiarity with objects and books that interest me. I have focused on an overall balance of pastel colours and bold primary and secondary colours to create warmth and a contemporary feel.The image has influences of psychedelia, folk art, carpets, books, Egyptology, animal rights, spirituality, decorative arts and abstract art.This is a completely original work that I panted onto an app, SketchBook on my phone in November 2022.
    • Those people are like zombies
    • This is abstract expressionism, a confessional graffiti digital drawing. I think writing and expression are sometimes important to convey feelings in art. It's not easy to confess one's thoughts but expressing them more often can help with conveying further layers of self-expression and communication.
    • Veneration of the Sun
    • Veneration of the sun or a representation of the sun as a deity.Line drawing on Sketchbook. I love the vibrancy of the colour yellow.Only a relatively few cultures, (Egyptian, Indo-European, and Meso-American) developed solar religions. All of these groups had in common a well-developed urban civilization with a strong ideology of sacred kingship. In all of them, the imagery of the sun as the ruler of both the upper and the lower worlds is prominent."The sun is the bestower of light and life to the totality of the cosmos; with his unblinking, all-seeing eye, he is the stern guarantor of justice; with the almost universal connection of light with enlightenment or illumination, the sun is the source of wisdom."
    • God free me from this falsehood.
    • Digital drawing on Sketchbook, November 2022.My graffiti art is open to interpretation.
    • Yellow and Violet
    • I really enjoy abstract art and creating colour compositions. These are my two favourite colours together, yellow and violet. The two colours just seem so sumptuous and vibrant. I created this artwork on Sketchbook and used digital drawing to combine layers of colour.
    • My Life Belongs to Me
    • Digital drawing.My graffiti art is open to interpretation.
    • Abstract 1
    • A few years ago, I began drawing lines of colour with digital drawing. I find it very therapeutic and an expression of my emotions. I really enjoy the movement and the rhythm of the lines and I find there is a unique and different energy and mood to each drawing.
    • Abstract10
    • A few years ago, I began drawing lines of colour with digital drawing. I find it very therapeutic and an expression of my emotions. I really enjoy the movement and the rhythm of the lines and I find there is a unique and different energy and mood to each drawing.In this image, the lines are quite loose and relaxed. I feel this is an uplifting and joyful painting.
    • Tropical 1, 2021
    • In 2021, I started experimenting with digital drawing. I really enjoyed the spontaneity of using this technique. I mostly paint on my phone and so the screen is quite small compared to paper so there is always that element of surprise when it is transferred to the computer and enlarged. This one is called Tropical 1 and it was inspired by my travels to Mexico many years ago.
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