Andy Farr

  • I am a painter and storyteller.


    • Breaking Free
    • Five years ago, I painted “Carousel”, this painting showed a carousel horse crashed to earth, lying over a ground of looming, billowing charcoal infused darkness. The down after the high. This piece was created within a series exploring my own responses to my father’s bipolar condition. My own life has not followed that of my father, but toward the end of the noughties I felt that I was heading into a cul-de-sac. A life-threatening illness was the catalyst to change direction, ultimately leading to life as a fulltime artist.Since 2017 I have worked extensively to explore people’s narratives based on their life experiences. Some in relation to mental health challenges, others just reflections on lives lived. For each person I have tried to capture an aspect of their story in a “narrative painting”. The Vienna “Take a chance on me” exhibition represented an opportunity for me to represent my own experience within a painting.  This sister piece to the first carousel shows a more positive, optimistic outlook. The carousel horse instead of falling to earth is escaping, galloping away, freeing itself from the shackles of the carousel. The first painting was a metaphor for my father’s life, this is a metaphor for my own.
    • Carousel
    • Carousel is based on Andy’s discussions with people who are bipolar. Andy wanted to convey both sides of the condition – areas of yellows and reds to representing “the high”, juxtaposed with looming, billowing areas of charcoal infused darkness. The Carousel horse crashing to earth is a one of the metaphors used by a sufferer to represent the changes in their mind state.
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