Elizabeth Crewther

  • Finding inspiration is never difficult, living in North Wales enables inspiration to pop out every time I look out of the window or go walking. For me personally art is a way to express freedom in a boundaryless space without conformity, where a colour and texture encased form exists. My artwork is an expression of a happy place, memory or thought brought together into the world as a painting. When I am in the studio I find moments of stillness and clarity, with the occasional gust of whimsey


    • The COPPER Tree
    • A memorial to all the Trees felled and the Birds who called them home...Acrylic on tempered panelSize 67 x 97 cm framed size
    • Technicolour Mountains
    • Carved over millions of years, colourful mountain slopes sit under a red flaming sun and gentle white clouds...Acrylic upcycled Welsh slateSize 44 cm x 29 cm 
    • Summertime Iris
    • Take a summertime stroll on the marshes and watch the dragonflies dance over the still water and yellow iris in the morning sun...Acrylic on tempered panelSize 48.5 x 94.5 cm
    • Spoonbill
    • The Uk population of Eurasian Spoonbills is currently growing, with its bizarre shaped bill and heron like shape it is still rare in the UK. It can be seen year round on coastal sites in the North West, South West and East of England. In medieval times spoonbills were a common site, classified as a game bird, they would often be served up at Royal banquets.Acrylic on Aluminium panel Size 35.5 x 46 cm 
    • Gannets' Gannetry
    • These monogamous birds are our largest seabird, the Gannet has a six foot wingspan. Over half of the worlds Gannet population can be found in the seas around our island. Marvel as they hover over a shoal of fish, turning and folding their wings before plummeting headfirst into the sea.Acrylic on tempered panelSize: 55 x 70 cm
    • Cormorant
    • This large heavy set seabird has a long almost reptilian thick neck. W ith its heavy hooked bill, it makes an ideal fisherman.Acrylic on tempered panel Size 45.5 x 91.5 cm
    • Hornbill
    • This amazing looking bird is found in tropical and subtropical climates. It's amazing bill gives the bird an unforgettable look, the texture and curvature of it's bill are a striking feature...Acrylic on tempered panelSize 41.5 x 59 cm
    • Hibiscus Carnival
    • Beautiful, exotic Hibiscus flowers, a symbol of love and affection with a splash of carnival fever colour...Acrylic on tempered panelSize 33.5 x 33.5 cm
    • Marsh Flowers & Dragonflies
    • I like to watch the dragonfly as it hovers and glides over my wildlife garden. Walking over the Gronant Marshes early on a summer morning also gives glimpses of these lovely, delicate fairy tale creatures.Acrylic on wood panelSize 69 x 107 cm
    • The Pixel Gallery

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