• 1976 Mahon. He began painting as a child and worked continuously on different techniques from adolescence. He has successfully exhibited his work in cities such as New York, (USA), New Delhi (India), Singapore (Asia), Seoul (Korea), Berlin, (Germany) London, (UK), Pittbsburgh (USA). .), Montevideo. (Uruguay) Rome, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Sabadell, Mallorca, Menorca among others. The influence of internet is also important in its evolution


    • "El Camí V"
    • "El Camí V"(250x300mm)Oil on canvas2020
    • "La Senyora de la Muntanya"
    • (250x300mm)Oil on canvasPainted in Tortellà (border with France)2020
    • "If you want the Rainbow, you must get wet before"
    • "If you want the Rainbow, you must get wet before"(250x300mm)Oil on canvas2020
    • 1
    • "New York Style"
    • (240x180mm)Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela / Oli sobre tela2021
    • "Statue of Liberty"
    • (410x550mm)Oil on canvas2012/13Artist Collection
    • "The Magic Bull"
    • (250x350mm)Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela / Oli sobre tela2022Artist Collection / Colección del Artista / Col.lecció de l´Artista
    • "Hey Man!"
    • "Natura Statue of Liberty"
    • "Pareja..."
    • "Miss banana"
    • "La brujita del pelo rosa y el samurai"
    • "Luces de invierno"
    • (600x600mm)Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela / Oli sobre tela2022
    • "Ship in cargo"
    • "Beautiful vintage ship in cargo"
    • (180x240mm)Oil on table / Óleo sobre tabla / Oli sobre tabla2023
    • "Couple walking in the sunset"
    • (400x400mm)Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela / Oli sobre tela2023
    • "Hey Man!, Streets of Manhattan"
    • (250x200x40mm)Mixed media on canvas2021
    • "Natural Statue of Liberty"
    • (300x200x45mm)Mixed media on canvas / Técnica mixta sobre tela / Tècnica mixta sobre tela2021
    • "La pelirroja Faralae"
    • 2015/16Jewels Collection / Colección Joyas / Col.lecció Joies
    • "La Brujita del pelo rosa y el samurai"
    • Interactive little sculptures for fashion / Pequeñas esculturas interactivas para moda / Petites escultures interactives per a modaMixed media on clothe / Técnica mixta sobre ropa / Tècnica mixta sobre tela2018King Collection / Colección Rey / Col.lecció Rei
    • 2 pareja
    • "Miss Banana"
    • "Miss Picasso"
    • Sculpture made with the typical T-shirt of Picasso's Guernica bought at the Reina Sofía Museum and recycled into a wall sculpture / Escultura realizada con la típica camiseta de el Guernica de Picasso comprada en el Museo Reina Sofía y reciclada convertida en escultura de pared / Escultura realitzada amb la típica samarreta del Guernica de Picasso comprada al Museu Reina Sofia i reciclada convertida en escultura de paret2018King Collection / Colección Rey / Col.lecció ReiNever Exhibited / Nunca expuesta / Mai exposada
    • "Pv"
    • "Rosa Roja"
    • (300x140x35mm)Mixed media / Técnica mixta / Tècnica mixta2013Flying sculpture / Escultura volante / Escultura volant
    • "Punk Viking Fashion"
    • (390x110x45mm)Mixed media / Técnica mixta / Tècnica mixta2013Unpublished, never exhibited / Inédita, nunca expuesta / Inèdita, mai exposada
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