Jennifer Allan

  • Jennifer graduated in 1970 from Glasgow School of Art having specialised as a printmaker. She did not start painting and consistently exhibiting till the early 90’s. Concurrent with this shift she also began the process that culminated in her becoming a practising and teaching Psychotherapist. She says this was not coincidental. She exhibits nationally and internationally and has work in private collections in Scotland, Wales, England, Germany and Australia.


    • Behind Blue Eyes
    • 2021Oil on canvasDimensions 90 x 90 cmsEvoked by Pete Townsend’s song filtered through personal experience. The representation of the real fruit on the flatly stylised table cloth speaks to the distortion of reality and the knife and scissors speak for themselves!
    • Fragments
    • 2022Oil on canvasDimensions 40 x 40 cmsA stitching together of elements referencing both the immediate experienced moment and an imagined nostalgia. The human presence is both observer and observed.
    • The Removal of the Mask referencing ‘Judith Victorious’ by Lucas Cranach the elder circa 1530
    • 2020Oil on canvasDimensions 40 x 40 cmsPlaying with my concerns about identity and existence.
    • Retrospective
    • 2021Oil on canvasDimensions 120 x 100 cmsI was regularly reminded throughout childhood that I was an accidental conception. The idea that I should not exist has been a profoundly influencing aspect of my experience of self. This painting references several previous forays into questioning my existence and my pervasive sense of an empty centre.
    • Reflecting on the Paradox
    • 2021Oil on canvasDimensions 112 x 70 cmsThis work was made using 4 mirrors to set up reflections of reflections and as a result, when starting to paint the edge of the canvas in the part that was representing the painting of the painting, I discovered there was nothing to paint except the support bar of the easel and I realised the image didn’t exist until I painted it and I couldn’t paint it until it existed - hence my Paradox
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