Wim van de Wege

  • I am professional Dutch artist in the Neteherlands and studied Art at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I find many themes very fascinating and interesting. I use traditional media and techniques, but also modern media and combination of both. I find many themes very interesting and I give them form in various works of art. From landscapes to animals, everything I want to show in my own way on canvas or screen.


    • Mackerels
    • I saw mackerels at a market stall and the amazing colors and reflections of light inspired me to create this painting. A great composition with color and textures. Original digital painting and will be sold as 1 unique copy.
    • Lobster on old newspaper
    • As a born Zeeuw, I grew up with fish, mussels and all kinds of other sea creatures. Lobster from the Oosterschelde is one of my favorite animals. These magnificent specimens are so enormously beautiful both above and below water. I made a series of lobsters on old newspapers. Original digital painting and will be sold as 1 unique copy.
    • North Sea series 91
    • Original oil painting on panel 60x40 cm.The beautiful endless beaches of Ameland are an enormous source of inspiration for my paintings. I translate the wonderful colours, the special light and the atmosphere that this area exudes into my works of art. It is an overcast day with the occasional sunshine.
    • Arkemheen polder
    • I have paint the Arkemheen polder plein-air in oil/mixed media , with dozens of colors, yellow and brown and the occasional green. Because of the drought, the landscape looks different, but still interesting to paint. It was hot in the sun, but I enjoyed painting! This will be a series of 6 paintings of the polder landscape Arkemheen.Acrylic, oil, ink and oil pastels painting on panelOne of a kind artworkSize: 60X40X1 cm (unframed) / 64x64x3 cm (framed)Ready to hangSigned on the frontStyle: impressionisticSubject: landscape
    • Nature Reserve
    • I've painted this nature reserve in oil on panel 30x21 cm with many layers. A colourful small painting.
    • The Pixel Gallery

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