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We are reimagining art galleries to put artists back in control Our mission is to give artists direct control over listing and selling their artwork online. We bring the community, the platform and the infrastructure, you bring the art and the content. Free listings It is free to create listings on our website. Our 15% commission ensures that the lion's share of the artwork's value goes to the artist Artist Retains Copyright Copyright ownership remains with the artist Right to Sell the Original Artwork The artist retains the right to sell physical forms of the artwork, including the original artwork and prints (such as Giclée prints) Environmentally Friendly NFTs Our NFTs are made on Cardano which is thousands of times more energy efficient than several prominent blockchains

How does it work?

Here are a few simple rules to consider when uploading artworks to The Pixel Gallery.

Check out our Knowledge Base and our Blog for more information

The Pixel Gallery website is designed to be inuitive and easy to learn, but in case it isn't or you have questions about completing specific tasks, we have carefully documented how to perform almost all common tasks in our blog.

What do NFTs mean for art fans, buyers and collectors?

Apr 25, 2022

What do NFTs mean for art fans, buyers and collectors?

NFTs are a brand new asset class made possible by recent innovations in cryptography and blockchain technology. As an entirely new digital medium through which art can be bought and sold, this new format has everlasting implications for the world of art and art collecting. This article explains, in language aimed at interested artists and art fans, why NFTs are important and what benefits they bring.

How to Upload and Sell Your Artworks as NFTs

Apr 26, 2022

How to Upload Your Artworks and Sell them as NFTs

This article is written for artists or cryptocurrency novices, to educate you as to how easy it can be to upload and start selling your artworks as NFTs. The Pixel Gallery is a website aimed at making selling your artwork as easy as uploading a photo to Facebook or listing an item on eBay. The Pixel Gallery takes a commission of 15% + 2 ADA (2 ADA is about $1.60 or £1.30 at the time of writing). The most up to date information is available on our pricing page. If this sounds good to you, let’s continue!

How to Edit Your Artist Profile Page

May 16, 2022

How to Edit Your Artist Profile Page

The Pixel Gallery has given artists profile pages to allow artists to add more information about themselves and their art. We encourage everyone using The Pixel Gallery to add as much information as possible to their profile pages, and to interact with others, which boosts your presence and lifts the

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The maximum allowed file size is 10 MB.
  • The ideal range of file sizes for most art styles is from 1 MB to 10 MB.
  • We have decided not to impose a minimum file size (see the question below for more details as to why)

A full list of the accepted file types is provided below:
  • jpeg
  • png
  • svg+xml
  • cis-cod
  • ief
  • pipeg
  • bmp
  • x-cmu-raster
  • x-cmx
  • x-icon
  • x-portable-anymap
  • x-portable-bitmap
  • x-portable-graymap
  • x-portable-pixmap
  • x-rgb

If you want to upload an image of a filetype that is not included in this list,

let us know.

  • At first, in order to get some sales, we suggest pricing artworks in the low hundreds, which could mean anything from £100-£300. Once some artworks are selling, you should start raising prices as you feel is appropriate.
  • A second method to consider is to pick a percentage of the sale price of your original artworks (for example 80% or 50%), and apply that to the price of your artwork, for example a £1,000 artwork would become £800 or £500 in it's NFT form.

All artists using The Pixel Gallery are required to indicate that they agree to our document called the "Artist's Declaration" before being allowed to submit any artworks.

The Artist's Declaration is shown below:

Giclee prints and postcards would be allowed under the terms of our website, as would sales of all physical forms of the artwork. What we prohibit is for someone to sell an NFT of the same artwork on another website at the same time as, or after selling it on The Pixel Gallery.

Artworks are initially added to our platform as “listings” only, and we mint the NFTs as they are purchased. This means if the artwork hasn’t sold, there won’t be any NFTs of it in circulation. On that basis we’d be ok with you listing that artwork on another platform (provided the artwork is also unlisted from our site). Re-listing an artwork for sale as an NFT only becomes problematic when NFTs of it has already been sold.

We have decided not to impose a minimum file size for the following reasons:
  • Some artistic genres, such as procedural or generative art may naturally have low file sizes since the images are produced by computer code. This can be considered as part of the elegance or style of the artwork.
  • Low image file sizes can always be “upsampled” to create a larger image file size without improving the image quality. This means any file size limit would be meaningless in practice, since the file size of an image can be manipulated to be any arbitrarily large number and it would encourage misleadingly high file sized images to be added to the website
  • File size does not correspond to image quality: Jpeg compression algorithms are so good that often very high quality images can be compressed to low file sizes without a perceptible difference to the human eye. Adding a file size limit might mean that a jpeg with a high quality compression algorithm would not be allowed, while a much lower quality image that is a lossless image format (such as .bmp) would be allowed.
Of course, we still encourage arists to upload the highest possible quality images of the artwork available to them. We have been known to take images down from the website that we do not believe to be of suitable quality to sell. The file size and image quality should be appropriate to the type of artwork being listed, in particular photographs of physical artworks should be high quality.

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